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All pages are set up to allow access by any browser. The site is best viewed using Microsoft Explorer 9.0 or later, 1024x768 resolution

The following information will help you understand what standards we have applied to the site and how to deal with certain file types.

Site specification
Printing pages
Bookmarking pages
Saving pages to your PC


When you start the payment process you are said to be in a “secure session”. You know you are in a secure session if the URL address begins with https:// or a padlock symbol appears in the lower right hand corner of your browser.


'CVV' stands for 'card verification value'. It is a three- or four-digit number located at the end of the series of numbers on the back of your card, or in case of American Express cards on the front at the top right.
Please enter the number in order to help us be sure that your credit card is not being used fraudulently.


SSL technology is used within your payment session to encrypt information before it leaves your computer. This ensures that no one else can read it. Encryption converts your data into an encoded form before it's sent over the Internet. This stops any unauthorised users from reading the information.


On selection of the Renewals option, the renewal notice reference number must be specified. The renewal notice details are then displayed on screen.

On clicking the Next button, the following payment details should then be specified:
Payment method: the debit card or credit card to use to affect the payment.
Card number: the number that appears on the card.
Expiry date: the expiry date of the card.
The payment is affected when the Renew Licence button is clicked.

Site Specification

Licences Online has been designed with all users in mind.

The standard outline guide for the site was for an SVGA resolution monitor (1024 x 600) using 256 colours. The site is quite useable with specifications lower than this.

Printing Pages

Any page can be printed from the web by the user selecting file, print from the menu option within the web browser.

Bookmarking Pages

To bookmark a particular page the user selects Favorites, Add to Favorites from the menu option within your web browser.

Saving Pages

Any page displayed on your browser can be saved to your local drive. Select File, Save As from the menu option within your web browser.


Some pages within Licences Online are in formats other than HTML or XHTML. These are in PDF format. To read these files the user requires Adobe Acrobat Reader V10.0 or higher.