Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Refund/Cancellation of the Payment done?

No there is no refund or any cancellation supported from this site.

Are old Police trading licences still valid?

Yes, especially if you are not effecting any changes to your business.

What Commercial Activities require a new Trading Licence?

A trade licence is required when you intend to start a commercial activity that is regulated by the Commerce Department.
The categories are as follows:

- Street Hawker
- Market Hawker
- Auctioneer
- Car Boot Sales
- Door-to-Door Sales
- Marketing Agent
- Commercial Fairs & Exhibitions

How do I apply for a trading licence?

Get a copy of the appropriate application form from

Please fill in the correct form and send it by post to the: Business Care Unit, Commerce Department, Lascaris, Valletta. VLT1933.

How long will I need to wait to receive an official decision?

The Trade Licensing Unit will send you a reply within five days from the application.