About Us

The e-licences website is a service being offered by the Government as part of the e-Government initiative. Its aim is to further facilitate the service offered to licence holders.


Following the enactment of the Trade Licences Act, 2001, police trading licences have been devolved to different authorities. Therefore the various authorities have become the sole licensing authority for the activities they regulate. This is in line with Government's policy of providing One Stop Shop concept.


Currently this website provides services relating to renewal of licences issued by the Trade Licencing Unit. On 30 April 2002, the Trade Licences Regulations 2002 were published which regulate the issue of trade licences as well as the business hours of commercial activities. These regulations provide for the simplification of procedures and give stipulated timeframes for the issue of trade licences. The regulations were published following a consultation exercise with various business sectors, authorities and organisations.


Through the European Charter for SMEs, the Maltese Government has committed itself to enable all those wanting to set up a business to be able to do so with the least expense and in the most efficient manner, i.e. "Cheaper and faster start-up". The new trading licensing system as well as the eLicences initative are examples of how Government is achieving this.